How To reSell ebooks online in 5 easy steps for Real Home Internet Business Profits

Hello welcome to our website. You may have heard of ebooks and wondered how to resell ebooks online for 100% Royalty Free profits. For the newbie without any online Marketing Experience you may be over come with information overload and conflict of interest with one site telling you to do this while another tells you to do the other.

However you choose to start your online Business is up to you only. One of the most profitable Home Business Opportunities available on the internet is Resell Rights Business. With a resell Rights Business you can offer your products to other people to start and run an internet Business Reselling ebooks and Software online in a few easy steps.

Many people fail to see the great money making opportunity because they fear that resell rights ebooks are Low Quality not High Quality. You see Most Resell Rights Businesses will not consider Quality Control as a part of their Business Promise. So they go along listing every single Resell Rights Business Opportunity Product available.

This in turn bring much grief to customers and you will realize that this is why many believe Resell Rights Business to be non profitable type Business. Many People have been let down by the quality of the products they bought that they assume that the whole industry is scam.

We have created a 5 step process for listing our Resell Rights Products For Sale Online.

How To Resell Ebooks Online Step 1: Choose a Specific Niche or Topic.

There are many different types of niches available. And for the most part you will find ebooks available for these topics too. Sometimes you will not find an ebook for your topic of choice so you will have a chance to be the first to dominate the niche with a quality filled ebook you will research and market to the niche for your self.

You can either write the ebook yourself based on research you do for the topic or get a ghost writer to do it for you. A ghost writer is a freelance writer that works on a contract basis to accomplish your information research tasks. You can find them at website like or There are thousands to choose from so be careful who you choose and ask for example work to see the quality type work to make a judgement.

How To Resell Ebooks Online Step 2: Create a salespage/ web page for your ebook..

To sell your ebook online you will either need a sales page designed with copy written writing or try to sell it online from your website store/ product Management software.

The choice is up to you and how you wish to market your Resell Rights Products however creating a sales letter/ web page for your resell rights product makes a lot of sense after all the product is meant to be sold by your customer as well so why not offer the included sales letter as a bonus or incentive to buy from you.

I find selling from sales pages are more efficient and more productive or responsive. The graphical template etc all play a role in helping you convert the sale. But Creating a sales page is not cheap if you do not know how to program and design websites. So in this case I would recommend you use a sales letter creator software that can help you design the sales approach and design all in the one go.

How To Resell Ebooks Online Step 3: Set Up your Online Payment Processor.

For a successful sale of your ebook you will need to have a payment processor. The most popular of them all is followed by Setting up a payment button on your website is very simple. Just log into your paypal and search for payment buttons.

You will need to have either an Premier Paypal Account or an Business Paypal Account to be allowed to use Website Payments Standard. Once you have created your Paypal Button code simply copy the code and paste it into your web page/ sales page.

How To Resell Ebooks Online Step 4: Set up a Thank you for Purchasing Page/ Download Page for your Customer

During the payment button form creation process you will be asked to provide a return URL. This will be the Page where the customer will return from paypal to download the ebook they just payed for. Without this return URL or thank you page the customer can not download the product.

If you are using a Product Store Software Management System you may be able to configure the downloads via your product listing specifications. Membership Site Script Pro For Example will take care of all your product sales and downloads automatically all set up whilst listing your product in the Admin area of the script..

How To Resell Ebooks Online Step 5: Create back end Offers as optional for the customers.

Congratulations you just sold an ebook for $9.97! But dont forget to offer your other ebooks as well..On the Thank you page in the Downloads area you should post image banners with links to your other offers so they can possibly purchase another product off you. Back end sales are known to be more profitable than front end sales so keep them entertained with different offers and upgrades

Learning How To Resell Ebooks Online is really not that hard You just need to take the first step and you will learn the rest as you go along. Experience will give you the confidence to master your outcome and make those long awaited sales you have been dreaming about. Reselling ebooks online probably wont make you rich but can make you some nice extra cash flow on the side every month to pay them bills.

Selling ebooks online manually without a Content Management System is very difficult. for an easy solution to selling digital products online please view our The Ultimate Home Business Starter Kit and our Product Management System for digital product sales.






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